What makes us the most desirable Car Rental company among the modern day travelers?

Our pillars of strength are our Trusted and experienced Drivers

We hire drivers who are indigenous local people of the particular travel destination, hence, ensuring that they are not just drivers but also hosts as they help you get acquainted with the culture of a place you are travelling to by sharing some knowledgeable facts and stories about the destinations and its attractions, ,thereby, enhancing your overall travel experience. Their professionalism and hospitality is unmatched and they are like family to us for they have been associated with the company since its inception. Our drivers are well versed in Hindi language and speak basic English.

Well maintained transport fleet

Other than the memories of the trip, our clients remember the vehicle that we provide that plays a major role in ensuring smooth and comfortable trip for our clients. Our fleet of transport contains all tidy, clean and well maintained vehicles with all the basic amenities.All our vehicles are comprehensively insured and are equipped with all basic necessary amenitieslike fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, Sanitisers, face masks, and tool kits. For facilitating even more comfortable trip, for our guests, we provide towels, ice boxes with water and soft beverages, little munchies, magazines and news papers and maps of the destinations they are visiting.

We provide transport that is best suited for your trip and for you

Whether its an FIT or GIT tour, we ensure that we provide the most comfortable vehicles that suits your trip and you Starting from the smallest sedan cars to the biggest luxury coaches.

Safety is our top most priority

, hence, we do not allow night time road travel in any circumstances.. We also have a policy of “only day time road travels”. We ensure that our guests reach their destinations latest by 8 pm and that our drivers get a proper good night’s sleep to be fresh and energetic for the next day’s travel. All commercial vehicles are mandated to have speed governors with a cap of 80 kmph. All our vehicles come with pre-fitted seat belts and guests are requested to wear them during their travels.

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