Elephant Ride at Amer fort, Jaipur

Experience the opportunity to travel like royalty on the back of an elephant, all the way to the palace’s courtyard. There are around 80-100 elephants that carry only a limited number of visitors per day. Therefore, if you wish to go for this unique experience of a royal ride on an elephant to Amer Palace, it would be best if you show up early in the day. During the tourist season, most elephants are done with their quota of riders as early as 11.00 am.

Dinner at Chokhi Dhani Village, Jaipur

Get driven to chokhi dhani village jaipur, to savour traditionally rich rajasthani cuisine. Its not just the food that will delight you but also the festivities that take place in Chokhi Dhani be it the folk dances & folk music performances, puppet shows and village games played in a fair etc. will all make you rejoice in the festivities of a Rajstahni Local Fair.

Watch the Dance show at Bagore ki haveli, in Udaipur

Bagore Dance Show (officially called Dharohar), at Neem Chowk, is a joyous melange of good ambience, music and performances. Comfortable seating, beautifully lit balconies and the star-lit sky ensure that a wonderful evening is spent here.

Dinner at Lake facing Restaurant in Udaipur

A fascinating view of the lake with a romantic dinner along with the magnificent view of the city palace. It’s a heartthrob destination to complete the trip of city of lakes with a romantic candle light dinning at the corner table of a lake facing restaurant in Udaipur.

Dinner at Osian village sand dunes in Jodhpur

Enjoy candlelight dinner at luxury camp on sand dunes of Osian Village in Jodhpur while witnessing the folk dance and folk music performances happening against the backdrop of the sand dunes.

Dinner at Luxury camp on Sam Sand dunes in Jaisalmer

: Enjoy candlelight dinner at luxury camp on Sam sand dunes of Jaisalmer while witnessing the folk dance and folk music performances taking place just infront of you.

Dinner at Jag Mandir Palace Lake Pichola

Feel like royalty on this dinner-time excursion to Jagmandir Island Palace, in the middle of Udaipur’s lovely Lake Pichola. You’ll be picked up directly from your hotel and taken on a boat ride to the palace. Enjoy the sparkling evening views of Udaipur and the surrounding hills while eating a delicious three-course dinner. A romantic night out that’s ideal for couples seeking a special experience.

Camel Rides

We arrange camel safaris and camel rides in all the major destinations in Rajasthan and Gujarat such as Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Pushkar, Amer, Bikaner. Camel Ride at Sam / Khuri Sand dunes will give you a magnificent lifetime cherishing experience.

Juggad Ride at Gujarat and Rajasthan

: Enjoy ample leg space as you sit, stretch, stand or even lie down in the back of a Jugaad – the Indian Mercedes! Experience the joy of being driven around in the most popular means of mass transport of the locals – the open truck!In India, it is said that anything is possible. And, if not then there is Jugaad– a casual .solution to a serious problem. The villagers in these two states did the same to overcome their routine transport problem. They designed their own vehicle by mounting the diesel irrigation pump on a steel frame with wheels. Hitch a ride to know more.

Hot air Ballooning

Get ready to calmly float in the Indian Skies with the rising sun.

Engage in this joyous Balloon Safari in the Pink city of India. The Safari will last for approximately 60 minutes only but may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the prevailing weather conditions on the particular day.

The activity is conducted from various locations in Jaipur. Shiv Vilas, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, and Delhi-Jaipur Road are some of the common locations. The site keeps on changing though depending upon the direction of the wind. The take-off location is generally decided by the pilot, considering the necessary safety of passengers.

Vintage Car Ride

You will be amazed to know that the Vintage and classic cars from a different age are now back on the streets of the cities of Jaipur / Jodhpur / Udaipur to let the tourists enjoy the magic and charm of the state’s bygone royal era. Now guests can use these cars to do city tour. Dodge, ,Chevrolet, Mercedes, Pakard, Jeep, Austin, Cadillac cars are available in Jaipur for Tourist. The chauffeur is dressed in a white sherawani and colored turbans. We can arrange 18-20 cars at time in Jaipur. While In Jodhpur we can arrange 10 cars and in Udaipur 2-3 cars can be arranged.

Exclusive Culinary Experience – Cooking Tour

Your hands-on interaction during the cooking class with a qualified instructor will be the main highlight of your experience including the following: –

  • – The history and origins of the particular food (Rajasthani , Gujarati, Malabar, Kerala, Konkani cuisine)
  • – Visit to local spice & vegetable markets to purchase necessary cooking ingredients
  • – Various ingredients & spices used in the cooking
  • – Different varieties of cooking
  • – Actual food preparation and having your meal
  • – Tour Details : In this tour, we will take you to a Rajasthani, Gujarati, Kerala home for a demonstration and tasting of traditional home-style Indian cooking. A full meal preparation will be demonstrated to you. You are free to choose to participate in the cooking, or merely watching and learning.
Block Printing and Tie – Dye Workshops

Block printing at Sanganer or Bagru village : Bagru, a small town just outside of Jaipur houses the one of a kind activity of traditional hand block printing and natural dye processes. Places like Bagru and Snaganer houses wonderful family of block printers who proudly collaborate with various famous designers round the world to create exquisite collections of block printed art. We arrange a private, block printing workshop for you where you will be taken to Bagru to meet the printers that we work with. This is a golden opportunity to learn about the textile traditions of Bagru before starting your master class where you will get to create your own hand block printed textiles. Under this tour, We book your class with our leading printer who will offer you a selection of his own blocks to choose from. Some of these blocks have been in the family for generations. We will prepare your fabric in advance so that once you have chosen your blocks and colour dyes you can start printing! Bagru is located outside Jaipur by an hour’s drive. Our workshops start early, you leave Jaipur at 07:00 and will be back in the city for lunch.

Hand Printing at Anokhi Museum : Followed by your visit to the Amer fort in Jaipur, visit the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing; situated in the shadows of historic 16th century Fort in a painstaking restored old haveli. It is probably the only museum of its kinds still operating in the world where tourists can observe the entire process of hand-block printing from carving of wooden blocks to transformation of raw fabric into a piece of art

Zip Lining at Mehrangarh Fort

: Feel the adrenaline rushing up in your veins as you zip-line across the magneficient Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur for a 90 minutes long experience that will take you through the forests of Jodhpur. Begin with Trekking by walking your way through the famous Rao Jodha Eco park. This is followed by the Zip-Line experience. Glide over to the majestic landscape of the blue city and enjoy the panaromic view of the lake and the blue city. The experience is a blend of both thrill and speed and sounds perfect for the adventure fanatics. You can also try to record the entire experience by carefully hanging a your camera or mobile.

Dune Bashing at Sam Sand dunes

Feel the adrenaline pumping up in your veins as you enjoy dune bashing on Sam sand dunes of the Jaisalmer Thar desert. So without any further ado, fasten your seat belts to hop on this roller coaster sandy ride as you slide and spin on the uneven golden coloured sand dunes sparkling in the gleam of the sun. While bashing through the dunes as you ascend and descend over the sandy heaps, you will be mesmerised and amazed to see mirages forming at the desert that will leave you awestruck. This experience comprises of 45 minutes long bashing of sand dunes in a jeep. You can avail this experience between 09:30 am to 05:00 pm.

Camping on Sand Dunes

Experience what the world calls as “Glamping” that is Glamourizing Camping. Far from the bustling towns and cities, the Sand Dunes of Rajasthan and the tent city in Kevadia, Rann Utsv, Bhuj provide several days of nice camping opportunities wherein you are taken to expreince stay offered in Luxury Camps and tents alongwith the opportunity to enjoy folk dance and music performabces while enjoyimg your traditional dinner. Camping on Sam Sand Dunes, famous for its annually organised Jaisalmer Desert Festival, is truly an unforgettable experience.

Home stay at village

Friendly traditional communities of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kerala have opened up their homes to foreign guests so that they can have a taste of the local traditional or village lifestyle to cherish for a lifetime. This immersive experience is perhaps one of the fastest and easiest ways to get to feel and learn and know the real India. For those who relish the quiet calm of the rustic life, this immersive experiential tourism activity is possibly as good as it gets. Home stay guests will not just be immersed in the cultural lifestyle of the local folks; they also tend to quickly establish a bond with the families of these folks. Visitors will get to experience the full spectrum of village life. Home-cooking lessons and meal times will certainly act as cherry on the cake and would make this a memorable part of your stay. The few lucky guests will also get the opportunity to harvest fruits/ crops that are in season or test their skill at plucking lemons or fruits out of trees.! Indulging in traditional games with the children that are still popular, such as kite flying and cricket and traditional games such as KHo-Kho, Sitolia etc. will enhance this overall experience. In the evenings guests get to enjoy cultural dances, musical performances ding, all of which the guests will be encouraged to participate in. Experience the charm of traditions that have been preserved throughout the ages, and that remain very much alive till date. when guets return home, they take with them a memorable cultural experience, and the friendships of the host family.

Indulge in Responsible Tourism

Humanitarian and Social Activities programs at Jaipur
As a present era’s tourism company, we truly understand and practice the significance of Responsible and sustainable tourism. It is our endeavour to promote responsible tourism and provide social welfare packages for village schools, hospitals, labor problems, health awareness, animal care, village civic sense, water management, SOS village, Breeding farms, school visits, etc. We work closely with many social welfare and animal welfare organizations and our guests can also contribute willingly to such noble causes. Our team will organize the above mentioned programs as well as customize all kind of social programs, where guests can also unwind and spend peaceful moments in quiet contemplation in mesmerizing and exclusive locations.

Social Activities in Remote villages Under the concept of responsible tourism we offer social work packages for development of Village school and hospitals, counselling on labor problems, health awareness, animal suffering, village civic sense, water management etc. We organize special interest groups that go of the beaten track and contribute towards the betterment of the local people and their environment while at the same time experiencing the true living culture of India. Village activities such as White washing / furnishing / tree plantation / water harvesting systems / sports / teaching in school , Village hospital visits and cleaning of hospitals and focusing on the village health awareness & family planning / Care and advice to the elderly, disabled and handicapped people, Focus on Animal suffering , Building social harmony, Focus on Disabled & elderly and wheel chairs person +VI- Adopt a Remote village. Kindly note, that, These activities are conducted only after prior permission is obtained from the concerned authorities.

Mehendi workshops

Mehndi is a form of body art from Ancient India, under which decorative designs are created on a person’s palms, hands, feet using a paste that is made from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant (Lawsoniainermis). The Rajasthani Mehndi in particular is considered to be the most authentic and best Among the various forms of mehndi art practiced all over the country due to its bright colours and intricate designs. Indulge in this creative art with one of our master artists creating beaurufl mehendi designs and sometimes your own prefereed patterns and creative designs that you suggest. This is A fun filled activity that you can enjoy with some light snacks and beverages to enhance your experience.

Indulge in training classes conducted exclusively for you by Popular folk artists:

Learn how to pay Nagaaraa (drum) from Naathu Nagaare waala. Nathulal Solanki widely known as Nathu Nagare (drum) waalaa of Pushkar is a prodigy folk musician of Rajasthan who has earned countless accolades for his talent from folk music lovers globally. At present, He resides in Pushkar and is also counted among the greatest drummers of India. He and his amazing team of gifted musicians leave the audience awestruck with their performances as and when they beat the Nagaaraas (drums) with their gifted hands. We arrange special classes exclusively for you wherein you will be taught to learn the art of playing nagaaraas from none other than this famous musician and his team and you simply can’t stop yourself from rejoicing this musical experience.

Learn Kaalbeliya dance from the Queen of Rajasthani folk dance Gulabo sapera. The legendary Rajasthani folk dancer, GULABO not only got the flamboyant dance style Kalbaliya, conceptualized and choreographed by herself, popularised across the globe but also got her community, a nomadic one, a worldwide recognition. Battling all the odds that life thrust upon her she walked ahead with courage and perseverance for the honor of the nation, her community and her family. So get grooving, as we arrange exclusively for you special classes of learning the kaalbeliya dance taught by Gulaabo.

Safari Game Drives

The privileged lands of Rajasthan and Gujarat are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna including the very majestic Royal Bengal Tiger and Asiatic lions. Feel the thrill of seeing these beautiful beings in the wild up close in their natural habitat as you get to book these safaris and game drives with us.

The most popular safaris include:

  • Village Safaris in Jodhpur, Bikaner and Barmer
  • Sand Dune safari at Osian and Manvar
  • Wilderness safari at Khimsar.
  • Black buck spotting and Bishnoi Village safari at Jodhpur.
  • Tiger spotting at Ranthambhore
  • Bird watching at Keoladeo, Bharatpur
  • Bullock cart ride in Narlai near Ranakpur
  • Night safari at Sardargarh
  • Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The 1412 sq km Gir wildlife reserve encompasses within its area a rich diversity of of deciduous forests, evergreen and semi-evergreen vegetation, thorn scrub and grasslands. Gir National park is well known as the last remaining habitat of the Asiatic Lion. It also comprises of a large leopard population. As 359 lions and more than 300 leopards have been counted in Gir during the last census, it is undoubtedly the best big cat reserve in India with very few visitors returning without seeing the big cats over a three or four day stay.
    The sanctuary also contains a thriving population of Sambar and Spotted Deer, Chinkara gazelle, Nilgai and Chowsingha (world’s only four-horned antelope) and rich diversity of attractive birds like the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Tree pie, Painted Sand grouse, , Hoopoe, etc, can be witnessed while driving through the sanctuary that is known for its raptors like the Changeable Hawk Eagle and crested Serpent Eagle that breed here. Crocodiles can alos be spotted at the reservoir and at rivers flowing through the sanctuary.
  • Migratory bird watching at Khichan, Jodhpur (depends on season) .
  • Grasslands of Kutch :
  • The grasslands and lakes of Kutch fall on the migratory route for various species of birds with lakes like Charri in the Banni grasslands becoming significant bird watching areas. The Lala Bustard Sanctuary near Naliya serves as one of the top sites for the Great Indian Bustard round the year, the Macqueen’s Bustard visits it in winters and the Lesser Florican which breeds here during the monsoons.
    It is a good sanctuary for watching larks, sand grouse, warblers and wheatears. There are good chances of spotting the Black Francolin in the sanctuary. This sanctuary and the Banni region also serves as the habitat of vulnerable species like the Stoliczka’s Bush chat and White-naped Tit. The Grey Hypocolius is frequently spotted in the district. The Banni grasslands are also highly rated and liked by those interested in raptors as a breeding ground of Tawny and other eagles, and for large concentrations of roosting eagles in winter.
Customized walks

We also specialize in customizing the walking tours according to your interests and preferences. Different kinds of Interests and varied passions among the travelers has led to the introduction of this one of its kind of activity segment by Royal Trails. So depending upon your interests , we bring to you different types of walking tours or walks that enable you to immerse in the culture of the destination like never before and not just witness the intricacies but experience and be amazed by the way the local folk of the place do it or did it.

Temple walks.

Walks for architectural enthusiasts: Architectural tour visiting and seeing the interesting havelis of the old residents and see how they live & spend some time with family over a cup of tea.

Tourists get to see the real city. Observing master craftsmen like lac bangle makers, silversmiths, potters and tie and dye artistes, tourists will get a first-hand experience of the way.

Food Trails are all about exploring and tasting local food and delicacies of a particular destination. Be it Gujarat, Rajastahn , Old delhi , Kerala, Luckhnow, Agra, we take you to relish some amaxxing food prepeared in such destinations while you also get to see the preparation of these delicacies.

Village walks : A guided walking tour of the kalakho village or on camel carts taking in the vast grazing pastures and fields of wheat, mustard, coriander and chillies. You’ll get chance to meet the traditionally dressed residents, visit their homes and watch farmers, herders and silversmiths plying their trade, perfect to capture on your camera lense. Enroute visit a local school or panchayat, guests can also volunteer to listen to children read at the local school or teach English to the students.

Heritage walks : A Heritage Walk is a unique way to explore the Old City areas of the major cities of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Old Dlehi, Agra etc. There is no better way to understand a destination better than to meet the locals, walk through the lanes of the old cities and to see traditional indigenous art & craft surviving the harsh winds of the modernity. By joining the heritage walk tour of old city you can meet the skilled craftsmen and women and observe the creation of master pieces and sample some delicious sweets. You will get to walk through the old residential area in the cities and explore the Architectural wonders , visit private temples , old havellis and religious and cultural activities of the people dwelling in the city . We give the highest priority to authenticity. If you are at Heritage Walk that is organized by us, you can be assured that the locations, information and overall experience will be interesting yet accurate, unbiased and fact checked. Our team of experts works consistently on creating the formats and scripts to deliver you not just information, but an experience. We try to ensure that nothing stops you from experiencing the heritage of the destination.

Experiencing shades of Archaeological tourism in Gujarat :

UNESCO has recently included Dholavira of Kutch in the list of World Heritage Sites in 2021, thereby, making Gujarat shine once again on the World Heritage Map. Gujarat has also got the pride of being a state with four World Heritage Sites.

Dholavira is the bigger of the two most remarkable excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization, dating back to 4500 years ago. Being surrounded by the Great Rann of Kutch, this Harappan civilisation site offers a unique insight into the pioneering Harappan mind, with one of the world’s earliest and the best planned water conservation systems and what also might be the world’s first signboards, written in ancient Indus script.

(24) Re-live the Jurassic era with Visit to the Balasinor Fossil dinosaur park on your trip to Gujarat :

A visit to the Balasinor Fossil Park will leave you completely awestruck. And as surprising as it may sound, the dinosaur bones are all right there for the world to see! Also, Balasinor is the 3rd largest Dinosaur fossil park and 2nd largest Dinosaur hatchery in the world!! You can reach to this park from Ahmedabad (100 kms), Vadodara (110 kms) and Gandhinagar (115 kms) with airports at Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park is an ideal place that completes you fun-filled bucket list of Gujarat. Start with the museum where the installations include 3D Projection Mapping, 360 Degree Virtual Reality, 3D Stereoscopic Projections, Interactive Kiosks and a Vivid Display of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous times. Don’t forget to get your pictures clicked with the giant Life-size sculpture of Rajasaurus Naramadensis, the King of Dinosaurs while you explore the vast Fossil Park. So much of fossilized treasure lays buried in here that you don’t even have to go looking for it, as it is all around you, right beneath your feet.

Visit to the Potter’s Village

You will be taken to a village in Jodhpur that is inhabited by Porter cominuty people who are prodigies in the art of pottery. You will be simply left awestruck at the sight of the various object, art made by the porters here. What adds cherry on the cake is when you get an opportunity to try your hand at pottery wherin the porter artist will demonstrate how to make objects such as small earthen lamps and earthen pots.

Learn the Hand crafted durii weaving techniques at Salavas village, Jodhpur

You will be taken to the house of a worldwide known craftsman Mr. Roop Raj who is gifted in the art of weaving traditional Rajasthani Carpets and Dariis. In this experiential tourism segment, He and his family demonstrate the art by making a Duri infront of you while explaining the details and things to be taken care of while weaving. Explore the shades of Experiential tourism by booking this highly interactive and learning session on your trip to Jodhpur.

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