We reserve the right to modify the itinerary/activity fully or partially depending upon circumstances like weather, political disturbance, traffic conditions, riots, force majeure situations, operational or technical difficulties, etc. In such cases, we shall make every effort to provide alternate arrangements wherever possible, failing which a refund for the unutilized part of the itinerary/activity would be offered.

Flying Fox / Rope Way Participation of Senior Citizens 60 years of age or over is not recommended. The children less than 4 years of age, pregnant ladies and customer weight over 120 kg is not allowed.

Please note approximate timing and distance mentioned in the itinerary are for planning and give an idea of the flow of the Itinerary. Timing may vary on the days of the actual tour depending on the weather, traffic condition and time spent at the monuments visited or due to any other unpredictable/unforeseen situation.

Kindly note that for the safety and security of our guests, we do not allow night driving, hence request guests to adhere to the departure timings on all days during the tour, so that they may reach their next destination by 2000 hrs the same day. All sightseeing and transfers will be provided as per the communication received from your end and confirmed by our team. Normal sightseeing and transfer timings will be 0730 hrs to 1930 hrs on all days of the tour, however in case of emergency the guests can use the vehicle at any time with prior information to our office.

Most of the monuments and museums open at 0930 hours and close at 1700 hours with and photography is prohibited in some. Guests are advised to check before visiting.

Entries of Mini & Large Coaches are restricted in Old City and some area in City limits.

Certain monuments do not allow tourist vehicles inside the complex, in such cases guests can choose to walk the distance or hire a Govt. approved vehicle parked outside the monument on direct payment basis.

Certain hotels in old city are located inside the labyrinthine mesh of old access roads and our vehicles can not access the entry point of the hotel. In such cases our vehicle will drop the guests to the nearest location. The guests might have to carry their luggage themselves or hire a porter on direct payment basis.

Please advise guests to not leave any valuables in the vehicles, guests are responsible for their own belongings. Guests must ensure to collect their belongings while leaving the vehicle.

Tourist vehicles are required to follow a certain set guidelines as prescribed by the Govt authorities, one such being running the vehicle under the given speed limit in the cities as well as highways. The vehicle will not run over the given speed limit and we request that the guests be informed of the same before the commencement of the tour.

Please request guests to not follow the online maps while on tour, as the drivers being locals know the roads well. Online maps might mislead the guests to believe that the driver probably is not following the correct path. There are road closures due to maintenance or breakdowns, some paths may be safer to drive on than others, and other such local factors, which the drivers would know better.

Permission is required for all to visit the Tanot Mata Mandir and Bawliyan check post in Jaisalmer. Guests must carry their ID proof for seeking permission. Only Indian nationals are allowed at these places.

Village safari in rural area and Game Drive in national park are allowed by Jeeps / Gypsies only. We recommend all our guests to obtain full secured insurance before partaking in the safaris.

Important notification regarding the National Parks & Sanctuaries of Rajasthan – Ranthambhore National Park, Sariska National Park, and Keoladeo National Park at Bharatpur remain closed from 01 JULY to 30 SEPT every year. For yearly CENSUS on the Full Moon day in the Month of May, morning safaris are closed – please check the date before making your bookings. Taal Chhaper Black buck Sanctuary opens with sunrise till sunset everyday but remains closed during monsoons and rainy days.

Ranthambhore / Sariska Safari Booking Systems & Procedures for GYPSY and Canter Safari bookings at National Park are controlled by the Department of Forest. All charges for Gypsy and Canter bookings are paid in full, in advance, on a “first-come-first-served” basis, against a NON -REFUNDABLE, 100% deposit basis only. Written request needs to submit with all guests names and ID Proof details, dates of drives (including time slots), along with the type of vehicle required i.e. GYPSY (independent) /CANTER (shared). All vehicles are allotted subject to availability, until the drive. The safaris are cancelled at slightest of discrepancies, no refund is given for guests not showing up for safaris. Safari rates are subject to change, without any prior notice.

Some Temples open only at 1200 Hrs. Leather belts, footwear, bare legs and black clothing is not allowed in a few temples. Some Temples are located inside the famous hill forts of Rajasthan, and one needs to climb up a cobbled path or trek up a slope of the hill. Not recommended for senior citizens and pregnant women.

Pushkar – Photography is prohibited at Pushkar Lake and Ghats. Consumption and carrying of alcohol is prohibited in Pushkar. Please note dates of Fairs & Festivals are decided in accordance with the Hindu calendar every year.

Televisions are not provided in tented accommodation at various locations, the meals served are on a fixed menu basis. Also, at these camp sites credit and debit cards cannot be accepted due to poor network coverage and absence of broadband facility.

We have consciously decided to not have LCD monitors in our transport fleet for the safety of our guests. A slight distraction of the driver can prove to be disastrous.

Rajasthan experiences extreme of both the weathers – summers and winters. Though winter is the favorable season for tourists to visit, for those visiting Rajasthan in summers – please take extra health precautions. Also note that the air conditioning of vehicles in the harsh summers, where temperature touches 49-50 degrees Celsius, takes a little while to get effective – we request guests patience. Also, sometimes during hill climbs the AC is required to be turned off.

Rajasthan is the largest state of the country and hence distances between cities here are fairly large. A thoughtfully planned itinerary can ensure that the guests can derive the maximum from their tour. Request you to instruct your teams to plan the itineraries in a fashion that the guests do not have to travel for more than 7-8 hours a day to reach their next destination. We are available just a phone call away for any assistance in planning a tour.

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